Toucan by Hans Neisz...in Lexan!

Toucan by Hans Neisz

Hans writes:

Hi Clayton,
I just finished the Toucan clock made from Lexan (Polycarbonate).
I used the escape wheel to add a second and adjusted the main dial to accommodate for the second hand.
Turned out pretty slick, particularly when light illuminates the lexan from different angles.


PS: I have also posted a video on Youtube in case you want to see it in action.

That looks SO EXcellent!  Beautifully done, Hans.  You really have a talent with Lexan.  I loved seeing right through the Toucan at all the moving parts.  

Usually I recommend against having acrylic wheels and acrylic pinions because of the increased internal friction, but on a clock like the Toucan where it is driven by the pendulum, you should have less, or no problems with that.

Another fellow with a laser wanted to make an acrylic Simplicity.  We worked together to create one that did not have any acrylic on acrylic contact, and it performs beatuifully (looks beautiful, too!).  Check it out by typing in "Ghost Of Time Clock" in the search at YouTube.

Thanks for sharing the pix and video of your new and beautiful build.  That is truly an impressive Toucan.


Aloha.  Clayton

In other clock news, if you own multiple clocks, there is a very interesting story on why pendulums sync up together in today's Livescience.com blog.  Click on this link to read it:  Livescience


The Medieval Rack Clock

Medieval Rack Clock, designed by Clayton Boyer and built by Jeff Hecht.   Photo courtesy of Jeff Hecht
New on our website--the Medieval Rack Clock!  See it in action on this page:  Medieval Rack


Oleg's Magical Mystery Box

Remember the Mystery Box Mechanical Gizmo?  If not, link here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxyQ3PFbK9Y

Our wonderful builder friend Oleg in Russia built it and filmed his adorable daughter's reaction to it!


She was not impressed, but isn't she adorable??  Thanks, Oleg, for giving us a chuckle.  What a cutie.


Weird Gears and Zinnia Kinetic Sculptures

Brad Petrovic's Zinnia Kinetic Sculpture

Two original interpretations of my kinetic sculpture plans:  First, Brad Petrovic's beautiful Zinnia sculpture--below, you can see it in action in a YouTube video.

The next is an interpretation of my Weird Gears plans:

Weird Gears Cane by Val and Zachery Blaine
I'm always surprised and delighted by creative uses for my plans!  Thanks for sending these in.


Ken Duffy's Magical Collection of Ticking and Movement

Toucan, Harmonic Oscillator, Flying Pendulum by Ken Duffy
Talented woodworker Ken Duffy sent us these wonderful pictures of his home filled with Clayton Boyer clock and kinetic sculpture designs built by Ken.

Balance, Zinnia, Bird of Paradise, and Simplicity by Ken Duffy
All the ticking and motion must be wonderful!
Another Simplicity, and another shot of Balance.
I am also happy to report that Ken is currently working on yet another Boyer design, the Deco Clock.  Thanks for being such a great customer, Ken, and thank you so much for sharing your pictures.  We can't wait to see your Deco when it's completed.


"Ghost of Time," An Acrylic Simplicity by John Owles

Ghost of Time by John Owles, a Simplicity Variant

Acrylic looks amazing when used in these kinetic sculptures, however I usually warn against using acrylic for the wheels and pinions of these wonderful mechanisms because acrylic-on-acrylic contact has very high internal friction - an increased friction that is much higher than wood-on-wood.

Ghost of Time by John Owles, a Simplicity Variant

However, despite the issues with acrylic, John is an acrylic sculptor and wanted to create his beautiful Simplicity completely in acrylic, so to avoid the internal friction intrinsic to acrylic contact, we worked together to create a Simplicity design that has no acrylic-on-acrylic contact.  If you are interested in creating in acrylic, contact me before your build and we can work on the design modifications that will allow you to create a beautiful, functional sculpture.

John made a YouTube video of his "Ghost of Time Simplicity," below.


Introducing the Deco Clock

The Deco Clock by Bob Brown
Photos by Bob Brown
Deco is a spring-driven mantle clock that will run for about six days on a wind.
Deco by Bob Brown

She's a happy little clock.
Deco by Bob Brown

Deco was designed by Clayton Boyer and built by Bob Brown, who also furnished these wonderful pictures.  Thanks, Bob! 
Deco by Bob Brown
Woodworking plans available now at www.lisaboyer.com