Lee Vanduyn's Neck Therapy

Lee's Been Busy!

From Lee Vanduyn:   This is what I've been doing since I had my neck surgery just wanted to send some pictures I didn't know how to put them on your blog but thanks a lot for the good plans.

...and the pile keeps growing!

I love it, Lee.  You got me laughing louder with each picture!  You've really been busy with your ball winder.  That is SO GREAT.  I'm glad you love it.  Lisa loves hers, too.

Lisa had bought so many of the commercial winders that fell apart, or broke, or didn't wind properly that she asked me to design one.  We not only had fun creating this quality winder, but also, like you, had so much fun winding cakes.  Her original pile was not as large as yours though, but through the years that winder has certainly gotten a workout...and performs perfectly every time!

Lisa likes the look of hers so much it has become a wall mounted piece of "kinetic art" in her sewing room, until she needs it, and then it gets affixed to her sewing table to wind the cakes.

Thanks for these wonderful pictures and for your kind words about my plans.

I'll send these pictures over to Lisa to post to our Flickr' pool.


Aloha.  Clayton