Oversized Brad Point Drill Holes Solution

Hello Clayton:

It looks like my 1/4" brad point drill bit is cutting a few thousands oversize.  My 1/4" brass arbors are too loose of a fit.  Have you developed a favorite method of tightening up the fit?


Aloha Tim, I have noticed that some of the better Brad point drill bits do cut oversized drill holes.  

I have two sets of drills.  One set of Brad points is from Lee Valley, and is what I use if I am going to put a number of pieces on a rod or tube.  This is because those LV bits cut oversized and the pieces to be glued together will be somewhat tight, but still easy enough to slide over the rod for glue-up.  

The other set of Brad points that I use are the cheap Vermont American "Wobble Point" bits (wobble point is not really their name, but the points do wobble.  Ha).  Those are the correct size for a true press fit.

If the fit is somewhat loose, but is not truly critical that the fit is super tight, I simply spit into the loose hole (okay...sissies can use a drop of water) and then the natural swelling of the wood fibers holds the piece to the rod.  

For something that needs a true press fit tightness, and I mistakenly drilled it with the slightly-oversized Lee Valley bits, I simply use epoxy or CA to keep the part in place on the rod.


Aloha.  Clayton