Keith Randall's Happy Wall

Solaris, Simplicity and Number Six by Keith Randall, all ticking away together.  This is wonderful!  Thanks for the video from Australia's Sunshine Coast, Keith.


Simplicity by Peter Rosemeier

A nice email and Simplicity pictures from Peter Rosemeier in Germany:
Aloha Clayton,

now, "The Simplicity" is ready and I want to give you a short report and some pictures.

At the beginning: I have your plans from the Simplicity, but I have no machines to built the clock. -No bandsaw, no drillsaw, no bench Drilling Machine, no plate sanders, no workbench etc.
... and I have no experience with that machines ...

At the end of "The Simplicity-building" I see all this machines in my new workrooms and now I have three workbenches, a circular saw and even a small lathe. -Great!!-
And the experience with the operations of the machines come with the construction of the Simplicity and in addition, I learned how to Build a Wooden Clock.

So I can only say: Thank you very much for the great Simplicity-clock-plans and the
experience that I have made by building the clock. It was a big adventure
and I have had a lot of fun here.

Now, from time to time I visit your homepage and I see
"The Leeds-7Day-3Wheel" and on Youtube the Variation of it "The Northstar"
... and my creation-fever is growing up... ... and up...
...probably because I studied engineering... -The internal gears, the pulley on the hour-arbor,
one wind for a week - Great !! -

"Peter", I say to myself, "that´s the right Cristmas-Fun".

Now, I order "The Leeds-Plan-Kit" .  Please, give me the Dimensions of the Clock, because I look for a nice Place on the Wall in my House .

Aloha,  Peter Rosemeier

Well done, Peter! With no prior woodworking experience you have created one amazing clock! You are a wonderful craftsman.
I enjoyed seeing how you designed the bell for the Hourly Strike Mechanism. Wonderfully done!
Excellent work. I can hardly believe that you began as a complete novice and ended up with such a beautiful wooden clockworks.
Thank you for the pictures. You have created a mechanism you can truly be quite proud of. Congratulations on a wonderful build.
Aloha. Clayton


Sometimes, It's Not Easy Being Mrs. Boyer

It's the new Optional Direct Drive Gear System on the ballwinder in the Yarn Lover's Package!  Next time, I'll use cue cards....