New! Elfino Kinetic Sculpture

Introducing Elfino!

Elfino Kinetic Sculpture

Clayton's description from our website:
This is Elfino, an excellent introduction into the wonderful world of kinetic sculptures and a delight to watch. Elfino is a simple-to-build spring driven wall mounted sculpture with a long yet variable run time. The Elfino can be configured to gently sway at the speed you see in the video below. This configuration will give about an hour run time. Alternatively, the Elfino can be configured to run more slowly giving it a significantly longer run time.


New! Balancing Bubbles Kinetic Sculpture

Balancing Bubbles is a delightful electromagnetically impulsed kinetic sculpture. It doesn't just spin. It will rock awhile and spin a bit and then completely change directions and begin rocking and spinning the opposite way. The anticipation is such fun. Like the bowler or golfer using their body to help guide their ball, in the video below you may find your "body English" trying to assist the bubble over the top.  More details at our website, www.lisaboyer.com

Stay tuned because more new plans will be posted in the next few days.  I tell you, Clayton has been busy!


New! Woodworker's Hygrometer

New at www.lisaboyer.com!  Have you ever wondered how the ambient humidity is affecting your wooden clock or kinetic sculpture? This beautiful sculpture is the answer. The Woodworker's Hygrometer will tell you at a glance in a most beautiful way.

Stay tuned, as we have a couple more plans nearly ready for release on our website.  Clayton has been busy!