Toucan by Hans Neisz...in Lexan!

Toucan by Hans Neisz

Hans writes:

Hi Clayton,
I just finished the Toucan clock made from Lexan (Polycarbonate).
I used the escape wheel to add a second and adjusted the main dial to accommodate for the second hand.
Turned out pretty slick, particularly when light illuminates the lexan from different angles.


PS: I have also posted a video on Youtube in case you want to see it in action.

That looks SO EXcellent!  Beautifully done, Hans.  You really have a talent with Lexan.  I loved seeing right through the Toucan at all the moving parts.  

Usually I recommend against having acrylic wheels and acrylic pinions because of the increased internal friction, but on a clock like the Toucan where it is driven by the pendulum, you should have less, or no problems with that.

Another fellow with a laser wanted to make an acrylic Simplicity.  We worked together to create one that did not have any acrylic on acrylic contact, and it performs beatuifully (looks beautiful, too!).  Check it out by typing in "Ghost Of Time Clock" in the search at YouTube.

Thanks for sharing the pix and video of your new and beautiful build.  That is truly an impressive Toucan.


Aloha.  Clayton

In other clock news, if you own multiple clocks, there is a very interesting story on why pendulums sync up together in today's Livescience.com blog.  Click on this link to read it:  Livescience