The Two Wheel Walking Escapement Harmonic Oscillator Clock

You can barely hear her because she's so quiet.
 She's beautiful, too.
 Plans are now available!
 I just uploaded her information on our website at www.lisaboyer.com
You can see her in action on YouTube here:  Harmonic Oscillator Clock
Speaking of quiet, I've been a baaaaad blogger (this is Lisa, Clayton's wife...I usually post the blogs).  Summer is a very busy time for my Hawaiian quilt patterns, so I've been neglecting this little space.  I hope to blog more regularly soon.  In the meantime, thank you so much to all of you who send us pictures and videos of your wonderful creations!  I've been doing a little re-organizing on Flickr and YouTube so people can find and view them more easily.
Clayton is working on several projects at once and is close to completing a couple more, so stay tuned...
Aloha, Lisa