New! The Zephyr Spinning Wheel

Zephyr Spinning Wheel by Scott Bechtel
Introducing "Zephyr," a two-treadle portable spinning wheel.  You have time to build one of these for Christmas gift-giving!  See the details here on our website:  Zephyr Spinning Wheel


Steve Huskins Has Been Busy

Steve Huskins emails, "Clayton,

I would like to get a set of plans for "Radiance".  Here are the Boyer designs I have built so far:
Simplicity by Steve Huskins

Toucan by Steve Huskins

Celestial Mechanical Calendar by Steve Huskins

("Planets" coming soon!)

I hope these qualify me as crazy enough!

Steve Huskins

Wow, Steve, very impressive.  Your craftsmanship is not only beautiful, but unique.  Lovely work!
I will be happy to welcome you to the Masochist's Club.  The Secret Path into Masochist's Corner begins (****this part is a secret*****).  That will take you to the Inner Sanctum of the MC where you can peruse and purchase any of the devious delights contained therein.
Welcome and congratulations! 
Thank you for sending the pix.  I loved looking them over and so enjoy seeing the creativity of other woodworkers...especially those that show such unique and artistic creativity.
Enjoy!  Clayton


Gears in Nature

Planthopper Leg Gears
A short, fascinating piece on the NPR website today about the first mechanical gear system ever observed in nature:  http://www.npr.org/2013/09/13/219739500/living-gears-help-this-bug-jump



eMail Troubles!

Update 9/13/13--Yahoo technical service has responded and fixed the issue with Clayton's email. Unfortunately, any email sent to him between the evening of 9/11 and the early morning of 9/13 has been lost and cannot be recovered.  If you emailed him any questions or sent us any pictures of your completed works during that time, please try again.  We would hate to miss you!

Hi everyone, Lisa Boyer here.  I wanted to let you know that Yahoo Mail has blocked Clayton's email address for the time being for reasons unknown.  He can send email, but he can't receive it.  We've emailed Yahoo technical support and we're waiting for their solution.  In the meantime, if you have a burning technical question, please temporarily direct it to Clayton at moalanikai@gmail.com

Oh...and if you emailed Clayton any time after the early evening of September 11th, please try it again at the new temporary address, as he hasn't received anything since then.

Thanks!  Lisa Boyer


Hajo Dezelski's Review of "A Practical Guide to Wooden Wheeled Clock Design"

A Screenshot of Hajo's Review...to see the complete review, please click on link below

Hajo emails: "Hello Clayton,

I just published a short hint to your book and I hope that you don't mind that I linked to your photo of the cover. If you have objections please tell me and I will remove the link.

All the best,

No objections at all, Hajo!  Thanks for the nice review.  Aloha, Clayton