Steve Huskins Has Been Busy

Steve Huskins emails, "Clayton,

I would like to get a set of plans for "Radiance".  Here are the Boyer designs I have built so far:
Simplicity by Steve Huskins

Toucan by Steve Huskins

Celestial Mechanical Calendar by Steve Huskins

("Planets" coming soon!)

I hope these qualify me as crazy enough!

Steve Huskins

Wow, Steve, very impressive.  Your craftsmanship is not only beautiful, but unique.  Lovely work!
I will be happy to welcome you to the Masochist's Club.  The Secret Path into Masochist's Corner begins (****this part is a secret*****).  That will take you to the Inner Sanctum of the MC where you can peruse and purchase any of the devious delights contained therein.
Welcome and congratulations! 
Thank you for sending the pix.  I loved looking them over and so enjoy seeing the creativity of other woodworkers...especially those that show such unique and artistic creativity.
Enjoy!  Clayton

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