The Leeds 7-Day 3-Wheel Clock

The Leeds 7-Day 3-Wheel by Clayton Boyer
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Meet my Leeds 7-Day 3 Wheel Clock.
The Leeds only has three wheels and yet will run for a week on a wind! How is that possible? The two lower wheels are internally toothed. Can you see the teeth on that lowest wheel pointing inwardly? Internally toothed wheels and their pinions both turn in the same direction! That way all three arbors are turning in the correct clockwise direction. The lower arbor shows the hours, the center arbor the minutes and the top arbor carries the second hand.
The Leeds 7-Day 3-Wheel by Clayton Boyer
The dials are also easy to read. Just start at the bottom and read up. 2:46 And as a bonus, this is the most accurate clock I've ever built. It isn't even off by a minute a week.
The Leeds by Clayton Boyer, Side View
This is a better picture that shows both of the large interally toothed wheels. The Leeds is amazingly quiet, too. In the video below you will see Lisa's trained fly buzz by and you can hear that the fly is louder than the tick of the clock! This is such a cool clock!
Check out my website to see Forrest Burnett's amazing interpretation of my Leeds design.


Easiest Clock to Build....EVER??


Genesis with Routed Numbers (dxf option only)
Meet "Genesis," Clayton's new design for beginning clockmakers.  It just can't get any easier than this, folks.  An excellent gift for an aspiring clockmaker!  Plans are now available on our website, www.lisaboyer.com.
Clayton has been busy in his shop, but we've been a bit slow on the uploading on our site (that's probably my fault...I'm the photographer and webmaster in the family).  Clayton let me know yesterday that there were FOUR MORE items to be added to our site--including one that's been a couple years in the making--his book, "A Practical Guide to Designing Wooden Clocks."  There are also two new beautiful clock plans to be posted in "Masochist Corner," (for experienced clockmakers only), and a new calendar design that he's doing the end-stage tweaking on as I write this.  Exciting stuff, eh?  Stay tuned.