Easiest Clock to Build....EVER??


Genesis with Routed Numbers (dxf option only)
Meet "Genesis," Clayton's new design for beginning clockmakers.  It just can't get any easier than this, folks.  An excellent gift for an aspiring clockmaker!  Plans are now available on our website, www.lisaboyer.com.
Clayton has been busy in his shop, but we've been a bit slow on the uploading on our site (that's probably my fault...I'm the photographer and webmaster in the family).  Clayton let me know yesterday that there were FOUR MORE items to be added to our site--including one that's been a couple years in the making--his book, "A Practical Guide to Designing Wooden Clocks."  There are also two new beautiful clock plans to be posted in "Masochist Corner," (for experienced clockmakers only), and a new calendar design that he's doing the end-stage tweaking on as I write this.  Exciting stuff, eh?  Stay tuned.

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