Jim Wilson's Cogitation


Aloha Clayton, Happy Labor Day.
I'm just beginning to tune in my version of your amazing creation-Cogitation. How you have the knowledge, skill and imagination to design this kind of thing is beyond me but I'm glad you do because I truly enjoy building and marveling at stuff such as this.

Please see the attached. I think I'll reduce the weights a couple of ozs. and increase the length of the throw(s) so it runs slower and the display wheels rotate 3 revolutions like yours (Forrest's) does.
Thanks for the design and keep them coming.
 Jim Wilson

Wow! Jim, that's great! And you went with the complex wheels first off!!! Congratulations are certainly in order because that's a beauty.

Thanks so much for the video. Even after all this time, I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to see what othe builders have created. SO WONDERFUL! Great job, Jim.

Enjoy your new Cogitation. It looks terrific!

Aloha, Clayton