The Tea Dipper

New!  Clayton's uber-cute, animal-interchangeable, smile-inducing, tea dipping machine!  Plans available now at www.lisaboyer.com 

Our friend Adrian Iredale has been as busy as a Christmas elf making this hand-cranked version for his family for Christmas Day:

As usual, Adrian did such a wonderful job on his video (and I just love his accent, don't you?), and look at his googly-eyed bear!  Thanks, Adrian, for being the friend and intrepid test builder that you are.  If you like this video, you should check out his YouTube channel, because he's quite the builder of...well...everything!  Watch and be amazed: Adrian Iredale Videos on YouTube

Happy Holidays from Clayton and Lisa Boyer!  


Happy Holidays from Boyer Designs!

New!   The Tea Dipper kinetic sculpture--this is the Holiday Version.  Plans available VERY SOON at www.lisaboyer.com....maybe even today!   Plans available now at www.lisaboyer.com ! The sculpture has a doggie and bear tea dipping version, but we just couldn't resist showing you this silly reindeer version today and wishing you Happy Holidays.