Introducing the Deco Clock

The Deco Clock by Bob Brown
Photos by Bob Brown
Deco is a spring-driven mantle clock that will run for about six days on a wind.
Deco by Bob Brown

She's a happy little clock.
Deco by Bob Brown

Deco was designed by Clayton Boyer and built by Bob Brown, who also furnished these wonderful pictures.  Thanks, Bob! 
Deco by Bob Brown
Woodworking plans available now at www.lisaboyer.com


Chuck Cantieny's 1/3 Scale Genesis Clock

Dear Readers, here is a video of an amazing Genesis build that I think will entice your imagination. How small can a clock be before it becomes a watch?  Chuck has pushed that question to the limit. Take a look, and prepare to be amazed.

Hi Dr. Boyer,

I had ordered you plans for the Genesis clock almost a year ago.  I finally got around to building it.  I thought it worked out very well.  I have attached a video that shows the results of the build.  I think it is a "little" different than most of the versions I have seen.  I will also include a couple of higher resolution photos.  I am going to try to post the video to You Tube,  that will be a first for me.

Chuck's YouTube Video of  his "Micro" Genesis

Just so you know - I don't buy a lot plans.  I am a long time cad guy and currently a cad instructor so I create most of my own plans.  I find your designs amazing.  Thank you for sharing with us.