Drive Weight Determination; Modern Times by Mike Kokoszka

Modern Times by Mike Kokoszka

Mike writes:  "Hi Clayton,
Thanks for all of the tips. I just need to get a weight on this baby to test it out. I will look forward to working on another. Happy 4th!
Beautifully done, Mike. The Modern Times design has always been one of my favorites, and you've done yours proud. She looks great!
Clocks are like people (and nearly everything else) each one is different and individual, and each will require more or less drive weight depending upon the internal friction of that particular clock.
One of the best ways to determine how much drive weight your clock will need is to first remove the drive weight and hang a scale on the weight cord. Then add more weight to the bottom of the scale than it will take to drive the clock. Start up the clock and let it run all the way to the floor until it stops. You can then read off the scale exactly how much drive weight it took to run that particular clock. Add about 10% more to that and you've got your perfect drive weight.
Thanks for the pix. Your MT really is a beauty.
Aloha. Clayton