Oleg's Workshop

Let's take a quick trip to Russia, shall we?  Our wonderful friend Oleg gives us a tour of his home workshop in Russia.  You'll recognize some of his beautifully-built clocks as he shows us around.  Be sure to turn up the volume. We just loved this video!  Thank you, Oleg, for showing us your part of the world!  And now know how to say "snow" in Russian:  "angliyskiy."

Oleg on a much, much warmer day.


  1. The video link doesn't seem to be working.

    1. Peter, are you using Chrome? If so, under the Chrome menu, select "More Tools," then "Clear Browsing Data," then "Obliterate" from the beginning of time, all "Cached Images and Files". This clears the corrupted Flash Player and will solve all sorts of Flash Player problems. All of a sudden, I can see all sorts of Flash vids I was missing.

    2. Ah well, it worked the first time, but it doesn't now. Computers are mysterious little creatures, aren't they? I'll keep looking for a solution.

    3. ....aaaaaaand it's working again. I give up. Anyone else got any ideas of why the flash player will play some times and not others?

    4. Hi Lisa, my name is Nathan and I was wondering if you ever do shows where you display your husband's clocks? I am the director of the Umpqua Valley Hempfest in Southern Oregon. I also own a web design company called Oregon Tek and could help with your flash problem. ;)
      Email please or hit us up on facebook if that's easier. umpquahempfest@gmail.com



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