Swoopy Variation by Peter Franklin

An All-Metal Wheeled Swoopy by Peter Franklin
Peter writes, "Hi Clayton.
I have the clock finished and looks great it will run perfectly for about 30 teeth on the escapement gear,then the pendulum stops rocking.  I can't find any problems but there is obviously some small thing.

What actually keeps the pendulum swinging?

I changed the weight tube to a bigger one.

Then I changed the second wheel bearings over to bronze bushes instead of the bearings.
I immediately was able the take 4 lbs of lead off.

The load on the escapement wheel feels great now.

Peter Franklin"

Clayton answers:  "Beautiful, Peter!!! Your metal wheel Swoopy is certainly an outstanding beauty!

Check out my FAQ's on my website, especially, "Why Doesn't my Clock Run?" and "Depthing." Also, these grasshopper escapements tend to slip where the verge meets its arbor. Many woodworkers have added a second Allen Screw for a more secure, tight fit.

What actually keeps the pendulum swinging?  I answer this question in detail in my blog.

I always find it interesting how we automatically think that bearings are better than bushings, when in reality, many times they ADD to the internal friction.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your metal wheeled Swoopy. You did an absolutely excellent job recreating her in metal. She's a beauty!

Aloha. Clayton"

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