Toucan by Paul LaRue

Toucan by Paul LaRue
Paul emails:  "Allo Clayton

Here are pictures of my version of Toucan !

Great design.

ps. By using miniature ball bearings on the pendulum axis

it now operates on 6 VDC rather than 9.

I will now build Wee Willie for my first Grand Child (scheduled birth

- New year's day !)

Joyeux Noël

Pal "

Clayton:  "Glorious, Paul! I always expect magnificence out of you, and you never fail. Your Toucan is an absolute beauty. With the use of an acrylic frame, the mechanism looks as though it is floating. That's a totally cool idea!

Thanks also for the heads-up on the bearings for the pendulum. As you know from reading my blog, I detest brass bushings because they increase internal friction. Unfortunately, I had to use one there at the pendulum to keep it tracking correctly. Your bearing idea is truly an improvement if you can decrease your voltage by 33%. Congrats.

Yet another Great PAL creation. Congratulations.

Aloha. Clayton"

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  1. For first clock I will probably go with tucan too. Becouse here I at least know how it's powered hehe.

    More to Clayton then these construct can you upload any video of how are other colcks 'winded up' evry day? I have no slithest idea when looking at pictures how you wind it up. I know you need to get weights back up but you use a lever or how? I would realy like to see for Bird of Paradise and swoopy. Thank you.
    Sašo Muc


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