Marble Strike, Revisited

Marble Strike Clock by John Hilgenberg
 Clayton has finally released the Marble Strike Clock from the Masochist's Corner group of plans! 
Marble Strike Clock by John Hilgenberg
Formerly, the Marble Strike was relegated to the spot on our website where only those with proven experience were given a key to be able to purchase plans.  Plans in Masochist's Corner had no instructions or materials list--you were on your own--thus the requirement for previous experience.  But by Clayton's admission, the Marble Strike was in Masochist's Corner NOT because of difficulty, but because he was too lazy to write instructions for it!

Marble Strike by John Hilgenberg
This week, Clayton mixed a little more regular cofee into his half-caf, and finally wrote instructions for it.  The Marble Strike can now be safely unleashed onto the public!

You really must see what other clever clockmakers have done with Clayton's plan here: Flickr Marble Strike Pool  Gorgeous.

The Marble Strike is also now available in paper plans by mail or dxf format via email.  See our website for details.

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