Background Symphony

People who watch my YouTube clock videos often comment on the background noise.  "Sounds like you live in a zoo!" and "what IS all that racket in the background?"

Well, meet Mr. Racket right here.  One of the many Mr. Rackets, as a matter of fact.  No, I don't keep chickens on purpose, but if you've ever been to Kauai, you'll know that one of the many charming things about the island is all the brightly colored feral chickens that freely roam the island.

They're everywhere, they crow at all hours, and they like to have a bit role in my clock videos.  They're such hams!

Speaking of hams...we have those, too.  If I made clock videos at night, you'd hear squealing and oinking instead of crowing:

These are a group of feral piglets that were brave enough to visit our back door one Spring.  They weren't nearly as cute when they grew into 300 pound feral hogs, especially when they started standing up on their back legs and leaning on the screen wanting treats.

The menagerie is fine, but I prefer a quieter yard.

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