Letter from Clockster: Genesis

"Hello Clayton,

My name is Ron Locke. I am a wood puzzle box designer/builder. I have a copy of the Genesis clock plans that was published in the ScrollSaw magazine. I looked over the plans several times before I decided to build the clock. Being a puzzle box builder, I don’t have any plywood, even baltic birch. I decided to build the clock with Maple gears and Purpleheart hands, frame and covers.

I finished building the working gear clock and as promised have enclosed a couple of pictures. I built the clock for my sons birthday. He lives in Chicago. In order to ship it to him, I had to cut the pendulum in half and give him a way to put it back together, so in the picture , you will see a connector in the middle of the pendulum rod. I wrapped each gear individually with bubble wrap and put all the spacers and washers in a separate bag. I also sent him a copy of the building instructions so that he could reassemble the clock when he received it.

Well he assembled it and adjusted it and it is now working just fine. It was a fun project. My son and his girlfriend are both scientist at the Argonne National Lab. I think that they would both enjoy the Copernican Planetary Orrery or Ferguson’s Mechanical Paradox Orrery.

Which of these two is the easier to build? I think that it would make a great Christmas present."

Ron, great job on your Genesis. Good idea on the pendulum shaft, too. Bet your son had a great time putting it together! Of the two you mention, Ferguson is the easiest...but both are cool! Thanks for the pix. Aloha. Clayton

P.S. "Genesis" is on the cover of the current issue of Scrollsaw Magazine, and plans are included in the magazine.