Letter from Clockster: Number Six Options

Hello Clayton,
SHE'S ALIVE!!!  I still have a lot of work to do yet, but its nice to
see her pulse.
My wife would like me to build your cabinet for the 6.  Does your cabinet and chime package include an assembly diagram for the double weights like Bob used?
Aloha Roger,
It is still always exciting to me to hear of yet another clock being put into beat.  My purpose has always been to spread the joy that I found in making these wonderful mechanisms, and yours is a wonderful example, BUT I still get that same joy back when I get to see the pix and read the stories.
Congratulations.  As I mentioned, Number Six is my own personal All Time Favorite design, and because of that I made the other plan with all the options - and there are LOTs of options.
There are two cases described, but many variations of those cases from extremely simple - like just pull your Six off the wall and set it here - to what you see in Bob's video with the dual weight top (which also has TWO options!), to the addition of dial rings, enlarged hands (three varieties), hourly strike mechanism (options bell above or tube below!), etc. etc.
I think that plan is close to 40 pages!  Okay, I just went and checked, the Tall Case plan is 38 pages of options for your Six (did I go overboard?  I think not!  The Six is worth it!)
Just a little story...my Six has been running flawlessly daily for almost nine years - which reminds me, a fellow from Tokyo sent me pix of his Six that survived the 9.0.  Just blew off her pendulum.  When he rehung the pend she started right back up!

Anyway, we have some friends visiting from the mainland and I moved my giant exercise ball off of the chair in my office so one could sit while I bragged about all the other clocks in the room.  Next morning I came out and my Six had stopped!  It has NEVER stopped!  WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WRONG!!!  Maybe it finally needing a cleaning?  Maybe a bug crawled between the pinion and a
wheel (that happened in my BOP.  A lady bug got trapped and stopped the clock.  I backed it up and the LB flew away).  All these things running through my mind!  Then I saw what had happened...the ball...as the weight dropped, the ball pushed the weight up against the wall and stopped the clock.
That's right, the Six can survive a 9.0 earthquake, but not an exercise ball!
Congratulations on your beauty.  I know you'll love yours as much as I do mine.  You did a wonderful job on your Six.
Enjoy.  Aloha, Clayton
PS.  The Number Six that survived the Tokyo earthquake, as well as other Clocksters' Number Six builds, can be seen here:  Flickr Number Six Pool