Solaris by Ted Ceelen

Solaris by Ted Ceelen

Ted writes: "Dear Clayton,

I have just finished my 1 1\2 scale version of the Solaris. The clock is running well on 15 pounds with a 400gram bob. I left the pendulum length the same as well as all the gear ratios. I did not change the thickness of the frame members or the gears so the depth of the clock is the same as in the original, it looks lean. The clock has its weight in the center so no counterweight.

Because the wind pulley diameter the weight drops about 9 inches per hour so I need to hang this clock high!, Also winding this thing is a great excercise.

 I had a great time building this version. Thanks again for all your help.

Ted Ceelen"

Clayton answers: "Wow! a 1.5 upscaled Solaris! That's BIG! She's a big clock anyway. I can picture yours in my head, and she's absolutely massive!

Congratulations, you did your upscaling the right way. You should have a fine clock for years to come...just don't park a cat, the grandchild, or your foot under that weight!!! They are known to fail at that large amount of weight. I hope you also beefed up the clicks (?). If not, one way to do that now is to cut a large rubber band, then wrap and tie the rubber band around the clicks. That way all three of the clicks are in constant contact with the click gear. Can't be too safe when we are talking about a 15 pound weight.

This is why I ask for pix. I love seeing what other clocksters have in mind. I had a fellow in Tokyo downsize his Number Six by 50%. it came out beautifully and even survived the big quake they had last year. He said the quake blew off the pendulum and the exact time of the temblor was recorded on the Number Six's face. He just hung the pendulum back on and she started right up again. I love those stories!!!

Congratulations on your Extreme Build!

Aloha. Clayton"

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