Solaris by Todd Holman

Solaris, replete with custom brass, by Todd Holman
Todd writes:  "Clayton,

I thank you for offering such amazing plans.  I have purchased and built your Solaris.

Solaris by Todd Holman, before brass finishing touches above
 I have been toying with either the Bird of Paradise (because I would like to do a grasshopper) or the Upsy or the Balance pendulum clock. When I saw the Attempt I knew that I must build it. So my question is: Do you offer a discount for more than one plan purchase. Perhaps three or four plans?

Thanks, Todd"

Clayton answers: "Oooo! Todd, I love the brasswork. Brass and wood just work so well together. Magnificent! You've really created a beautiful Solaris kinetic sculpture. Well done!

Yes, when six plans are purchased at the same time, I include one free plan with the order. Attempt, Celestial Mechanical Calendar Orrery, and Medieval Astronomical Calendar clock count as two. You can also choose the free plan you would like to get when you order six at one time.

Also, when three plans are ordered at the same time, I upgrade the postage to Priority Mail and only one shipping and handling charge applies for as many plans as you want to purchase at the same time - not shipping on all of the plans.

Glad to hear you enjoyed building your Solaris. I always love seeing the creativity of other woodworkers, and I post all the pix I get to my Flick'r link so the world can see them too. Thanks for the beautiful Solaris pix. You really did a beautiful job.

Aloha. Clayton"

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