Balance by Derek Hugger

Balance by Derek Hugger
Derek writes, "Hi Clayton,

I thought I'd pass along an image of my 2nd completed Boyer clock.  This one has a bit of a fun story behind it.

After seeing the Bird of Paradise clock that I built, my girlfriend, Katie, asked me if I'd build a clock for her someday. I pretty much left it at "we'll see," reminding her that the Bird of Paradise took me from January until June to complete. One day in early August, I was looking at your web page, and Katie peeked over my shoulder. She loved the roman numerals in Modern Times, but also liked the pendulum in Balance. She told me if I ever wanted to build one of those for her, she wouldn't say no. I began to think: Katie's birthday is in November... would I be able to crank out a whole clock in 1/3 the time it took me to build my first one, as well as keep it a secret from her in my 980 sq ft condo with minimal closet space, where my "shop" is the floor in my hallway?

What the hell, I'd give it a shot. I bought the plans and got to work. Everything was going smoothly until Labor Day. I told Katie I wouldn't be able to see her that day because I had to go home and work. She felt bad that I was working on what was supposed to be my day off, so she lovingly decided to make me dinner and surprise me by showing up with it unannounced. When she walked in the door, I was cutting wood on the bandsaw. Oops, busted!

 'Why would you lie to me? I thought you needed to work!' she said to me with complete and utter disappointment in her eyes.

 'Well... umm...' I had nothing, how could I possibly come up with an excuse that wouldn't get me in trouble, and that would keep my plan a secret? I figured I only had one option: I told her the truth. To my surprise (and relief), her mood instantly changed. "Well I guess I can't be mad at you then," she said. And thankfully, though she knew what I was doing, she decided she wanted to keep everything else about it a surprise until her birthday; she didn't want to see the progress I had made nor know which clock I had picked out for her. This made me happy.

A little over a month later (today), I finished the clock. All I have to do now is figure out the best way to give it to her :)


Clayton answers:  "Derek, that's a really great story. I always love getting a history back from my builders on how their build went. This story is especially wonderful. I showed it to my wife Lisa, and after she had finished reading it, she had an answer to your last sentence where you said - "All I have to do now is figure out the best way to give it to her :)"

Lisa said "Give it to her with an engagement ring."

It really does sound like you have a keeper there.  Thanks again for the great story. You did a beautiful job on your Balance. She's gonna LOVE it!

Aloha. Clayton"

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