Marble Strike by Rabbit

Marble Strike "Steampunk" by Rabbit (click to enlarge for detail)
The amazing Rabbit writes:  "Rube Goldberg meets Christian Huygens - at Clayton's house, for a glass of wine.

- also known as "Steampunk" -


after all the work, and then all that staining, lacquering , painting, assembling, adjusting, adjusting, and adjusting - it works flawlessly. no jumpers, clumpers, stickers or stops; just clunks, dings, whistles, gongs, and a steady tick-tock.

this thing is absolutely insane! it's one of the coolest, and maybe most complicated clocks i've built. it's awesome to watch - and listen. if you pay attention, and count, you can tell exactly what time it is just by listening. it would make a great blind man's clock, but to watch it is priceless. it's always doing something.

thanks again so much for your inspiration....and plans!

- rabbit

p.s. gosh, i wish i could take decent pictures! these just don't do it justice. 'wanna send Lisa to Texas for some "glam shots"? i'll try again when i 'place' it. (where the hell am i going to put this?)"

Clayton writes: "Rabbit, your concept for the Marble Strike is absolutely amazing. It is going to take me a while just to figure out how you did what you did. I love that little glass ball in the extremely truncated pendulum.

All I can say is "Wow". What a complex beauty.

Glad to hear you had fun with it. It is obvious that you did - it's hardly recognizable as a Marble Strike!

Congratulations on yet another jaw dropper."

Note from Lisa: Rabbit, I did my amateur best with Photoshop Elements; hope you approve.  Your clock is so gorgeous that the picture quality doesn't matter so much!  Thanks for sharing.  Oh...and about the "Where am I going to put it?" question--you'll have to learn Clayton's technique for sneaking things into the house while I'm at the post office.

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  1. I would love to see a movie of this clock running. Please consider making one. Thanks, Russ


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