Marble Strike by Leonel Leite

Marble Strike by Leonel Leite (click on any image to enlarge)

Leonel writes: "Aloha Clayton,

I send you some photos in large size of "my" Marble Strike, so you can see in more detail what it took me a few months of work! ...

 Give me your opinion about it.

I wish you continued happy holidays.

Aloha. Leonel"

Update 10-22-2011--Leonel has sent a YouTube video of his beautiful Marble Strike clock in action:

Clayton writes: "Leonel! That Marble Strike is absolutely beautiful! Wonderful work, Leonel. You have certainly done the MS plan very proud. Congratulations on creating such a wonderful mechanism.

Thanks for the beautiful pix.

Aloha. Clayton"

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  1. Boa maneira de ocupar o tempo com o estudo projecto e sobretudo paciência para executar este regalo para a vista. Gostei muito, parabéns e continue a divertir-se e a embelezar o seu escritório.


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