Lolli conversion to AC by John Roberts

Lolli conversion to AC by John Roberts
John writes: "Hi Clayton, I hope this email finds you well?

Sorry I've not been in contact for a while, I've been busy with one thing and another, not least making a video about the clock I sent photographs to you before. However, that clock is not yet finished (nor is the video) until the end of the year and I took a little time out to make one for my mother.

I've attached a couple of photographs, which I hope you will find of interest. The clock is powered by an AC synchronous motor and is a passing strike clock. However, because I like to fiddle with things I designed my own 'precision' passing strike mechanism that strikes the bell to within a fraction of a second of the passing of the hour. I also designed a time adjustment mechanism that allows the clock's time to be altered by the turning of a small knob at the back of the clock without interfering with the movement. I also added a strike/silent knob at the front of the clock which inhibits the passing strike mechanism if required.

The entire clock is stained black apart from the adjustment knobs and hands, which were left 'natural' and although I left the wheels and levers unfinished most of the clock has had a layer or two of shellac applied which really brings out the finish.

I hope you like what I have done, and if you would like any details of the 'precision' passing strike mechanism and the time adjustment components then please let me know, they might trigger some fresh ideas but I'm sure they could be improved upon, this is only my third clock to date :-)

Best wishes - John Roberts"

Clayton responds: "John, that's a truly beautiful conversion to AC. That clock would grace any shelf or mantle it was placed upon. This is the kind of creativity I love seeing! Congratulations on a great looking clock.

Yes, I'd love seeing what you did to create your precision passing strike and time adjustment components. I can always do with some 'fresh' ideas (funny though, even the old ones I keep regurgitating don't get too stale).

Thanks for the beautiful pix. You did an absolutely beautiful job.

Aloha. Clayton "

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