Galileo's Bicycle by Justin Feola

Galileo's Bicycle by Justin Feola

Justin writes:  "Clayton,

Here’s a picture of Galileo’s bicycle complete. I thoroughly enjoyed the build. I’ve been doing carpentry for years and have only done a few “dress-up” projects. Nothing like this however. Man was it fun! I might still stain some of the parts to better contrast with the color of my wall. But for now I’m really happy with it. And, like you said, women love to stare at it, and the guys want to figure it out. They all want one though.

My wife is very pleased and loves it also. Another bonus.

Now…what’s the next build for me? I was looking through and may, in fact, order a set of plans for one of the smaller clocks. I love Toucan but might also go for Wee Willie. I also saw that you might be willing to send plans for Radiance. If that offer is still on the table, I would love those plans.

Thanks again. Your work is great. Keep it up!


Clayton:  "Nicely done, Justin! Beautiful work - your craftsmanship really does show in your sculpture...the lighting is really nice too.

Glad to hear you had such a good time building her. That's what it's all about.

The secret path into the Masochist's Corner begins (sigh...censored again by Lisa...) That will take you to the inner sanctum of the MC where you can peruse and order any of the restricted designs contain therein.

Thanks for the pix and wonderful story.


Aloha. Clayton"

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