Elegant Pendulum Length Solution

Number Six by Dave Kettunen

Clock builder Dave had a brilliant idea for extending the pendulum on a clock that was running too fast. Not only is the idea brilliant, but in this case I think the overall look of the clock is improved.  Here's his email he sent with the picture of his Number Six:

Dear Clayton:
Well I finished the #6 and it's a joy to have the clock start up the minute I set the pallet to the escape wheel. You'll notice that I had to extend the pendulum shaft (by 4") because the clock wanted to run fast. Probably because I made the weight from a piece of 2 x 6" copper instead of 1 1/2 x 10 copper. Instead of making a new shaft, I designed a spacer to fit in the middle. I think it looks great. The clock is mostly cherry with 2 walnut gears and the pallet is in maple.

My response:  Really beautiful, Dave. Brilliant idea for extending the pendulum shaft (much like the idea on Model T and others). I will be recommending that trick to others with a clock that runs too fast - and yours came out superb. I think that really adds to the overall look of your Six.

Glad to hear she started right up for you, too. She's a very forgiving mechanism, and my own personal All Time Favorite. Mine has been running daily for almost nine years without a single problem. I am pretty sure yours will run as well. You did a quality job.

Congratulations! Every home needs a heartbeat, and now yours has one.
Aloha. Clayton