A Novel Use for "Simplicity" Clock Plans

From Dutton Webb:  "Hello Dr. Boyer. I bought the "Simplicity" design from you over the summer...I never did complete the clock, but I wanted to show you what I did do with the gear templates. :]

I used a 1:64 ratio on my robot for the SA BEST robotics competition. Without your clocks, I wouldn't have had the inspiration as well as the templates to construct the efficient robot that I did. I took first place and recieved a 50,000 dollar scholarship to St. Mary's University. Thank you!
Here is our team picture: www.sabest.org second pic down. I am holding the trophy and you can see the gears cut from a white plastic. We are going to state competition in 4 weeks.
And later that year, I created a set of planetary gears for Dutton:

"Everyone was absolutely astounded by the ring gear drive system! I never had one problem with this complication as a drive system. Inside the wheels you can see small rings of pvc pipe that act as ball bearings. Got the Founders Award again this year for best design."

Clayton:  Aloha Dutton, I get a ton of really great emails, but this one has to be in the top five! I love it! Great Job.
Congratulations on your win, and especially on your application of your own very special ingenuity in the creation of your robot. That took a tremendous amount of creativity and tenacity to fabricate your winning beast (believe me, I know). Good For You!
Thank you for this vicarious thrill, and congratulations and best of luck in your future.
If you have any more of these dynamite excursions into excellence, please keep me informed.  Congratulations.
Aloha. Clayton