Letter to Clayton: Polishing Arbor Ends and a Half Hour Strike Variation on No. 6

Hello Clayton!
It just keeps gettin' better!

I've learned alot from the first Number 6 build.
On that one, I re adjusted the crutch and pulled and sanded the pinions a dozen times before finally finding scratched arbors, which were stoping the clock.

That made me feel like an idiot since, between the Genesis instructions and the tips on your web site, I must have read your warning about polishing the arbor ends about a thousand times.

None of that sillyness this time tho.
I just had to hang her up and try out her beat this pm.

I know, its waaay to early to be sending pix of this one, but, I just felt REALLY good about it when I hung the pendulum and she was ready, after only 3 seconds of crutch fiddling, for me to step back and enjoy!!!

Shes now into the 3rd hr of the sweeeetest beat Ive ever heard, and still no adjusting!!

Now Ill stop patting myself on the back before I bruise and applaud the master.

You have an unbelievable gift!!

As great as I feel to just be able to glue your plans to some lumber and TRY to follow your instructions, I cannot imagine having the capacity to create from nothing a work of art so perfect and functional AND develop a process by which a clumsy hack like myself may turn out a reasonably similar result!

My hat is off to you Sir.

I cannot seem to decide what direction to go from here.
You have given me entirely too many options to choose from.

Im pretty sure Im going to build the Attempt cabinet, but, still sorting thru the other choices.

Im still wanting to make a higher tone 1/2 hr strike.
Im thinking a simpler way, rather than off set detents, would maybe be to extend the cannon pinion arbor thru the back of the frame and just duplicate opposing 180 deg detents.
I guess the wire going to the strike hammer may need to be off set to clear the pendulum.
Ohwell, plenty to keep me bizzy while deciding details.

Ill send cabinet pix soon as I figure out what wood to use.

Cheers, Roger
Clayton's Response:  Aloha Roger,
My hat wouldn't fit, and I bumped my head, on both sides, going through the doorway this morning! 
Wow, fast build this time. Seems like you just gave the first Number Six to your father-in-law a couple days ago. And this one is showing all the signs of becoming a real beauty, too. I see you have opted for the double weight drop top and the hourly strike. I think your idea of running a second strike mechanism out the back of your Six to strike the half hour is brilliant.
It is always exciting to hear of a new mechanism put into beat. Thanks for the pix, and thanks for all the kind words about my designs.