Inclination by Christopher Savold

Inclination by Christopher Savold
Christopher emails: "Hi Clayton!
What a difference 1/64 makes!
I finally found some time to finish off some of my outstanding
projects, one of which was Inclination. I had it about 85% complete
for a year or so and got distracted. I've had it running for about a
month now and it goes non-stop - or at least until the trolley weight
rolls off the incline... ;-)

I had the devil of a time getting it going. As it turns out, once again, I didn't follow your excellent plans very carefully. I drilled 1/16 holes in the pendulum crutch connector rod (or for the laypeople, the little triangle thingy). I wasn't paying attention that the plan called for 5/64 holes instead. Easy mistake to make given that 1/16 pins go into the connector rod. Well, that 1/64 of an inch clearance makes all the difference in the world! Could not get the darn thing into beat for at least a week. It would tick five or six times, slow down and stop. Very frustrating until I realized my mistake with the connector rod. Once I redrilled those holes, I tapped the pendulum once to get it started and it has literally been running ever since.

Thanks again for another great project. Regards,

Clayton responds:  "Well, even with all your tribulations your Inclination turned out beautifully. I'm always happy to see when the builder chooses one of the optional cut-out designs. Very nice!

And, YES!, Inclination is a fantastic runner. Mine (like yours, I hope) has never given me any problems at all. I just wind it each morning (either very early or after 8am because of where the wind hole is located) and she runs and runs and runs.

Glad to hear yours is in that same category. She really is a fine runner, and yours is a beauty.

Thanks for the beautiful pix of your beautiful Inclination.

Aloha. Clayton"

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