Toucan by Guillaume Marcon

Guillaume Marcon emails: "Hi Clayton!

I send you 2 vidéo : one about my new wooden clock, a TOUCAN a little bit modified to be symmetric and I add a seconds hands. The seconds gears is simply 3 identical gears with a little backside frame.
I wish you enjoy it. The design look like less at the animal calling "TOUCAN"!! But it'll be another clock different...

Thanks for this and I look forward the next!!

The second video is a machine built by myself to execute the coil and to add up the number of meter to spin




Clayton answers: "Guillaume, that is one beautiful Toucan! You did a wonderful job on your build. The color contrasts between the black and white really make your mechanism POP! Also, that is quite a creative way to add a seconds hand.

But I really have to hand it to you on the machine you made to create your coils and to count the turns. That is pure brilliance and totally Rube Goldberg! What an incredibly creative mind you have!

Thanks for sharing both of those totally wonderful videos.

Aloha. Clayton

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