Celestial Mechanical Calendar and Orrery by Dick Scarponi

Celestial Mechanical Calendar and Orrery by Dick Scarponi

"Dear Dr. Boyer--finished the Calendar-works great! Thank you! I will send for marble plans soon-I tried to send my email to moalawikai at yahoo, but it was returned saying you do not have a yahoo account-I hope this goes through. what is the best way to correspond/order plans?

Best wishes,

Dick Scarponi
Arrington,New Hampshire"

Clayton writes:  "Aloha Dick, congratulations on the completion of your Celestial Mechanical Calendar Orrery. You have accomplished a wonderful feat of craftsmanship because...as you mention...it 'works great!' (which is actually what it is supposed to do).

The CMCO really is an amazing celestial instrument. I love being able to sit in my office and by looking over at my wall, see what is happening above me in the Cosmos.

You almost got my tricky email right. Just one letter off. Maybe a Hawaiian translation will help. 'Moa' in Hawaiian means 'chicken'. 'Lani' is 'heaven', and 'kai' means 'by the water'. So the meaning of my email address, moalanikai, is Chicken Heaven by the Water. I'm sure you have heard my Kauai feral chicken friends in the background of pretty much all of my videos.

Congratulations again on the successful completion of your CMCO. That qualifies you for entrance into the Masochist's Club and for the Secret Path into the Masochist's Corner so that you can order the Marble Strike...but, hey, wait...this highly secret and important information may fall into the wrong hands! as this response may be posted to my blog.

I'll have to send you the directions for the Secret Path into Masochist's Corner in another email. It is, after all, an extremely exclusive club of elite and highly experienced woodworkers...and then there's me and Adrian.

Thanks for sending the pix.


Aloha. Clayton"