Lolli by Rick Urschel and an Attempt Makes it into the House!

Lolli by Rick Urschel

Rick writes, "...wanted to send a quick update concerning the Lolli clock. She's finally running, like a champ! After several failed attempts of laser cutting the escape and pallets, I gave it one last college try.
The clock now ticks away happy as a clam, and I've gotten several compliments on her. I've attached a few photos for your viewing pleasure (sorry for the grain-y-ness, the photos were taken with my camera phone in a low-light office).

Thanks again for all the cool stuff!!
Aloha Rick, and thanks for the pix. Neat to see your beautiful Lolli and hear that you got it running.
I never use my CNC for the escape or pallets. They are too sensitive, and my CNC is too clunky of a cutter. Best to cut those pieces by hand.
In other news, Dave Kosanke's Attempt made it out of the garage and into the living room!  Here's another look at Dave's Attempt in its new home:
Attempt by Dave Kosanke
Dave writes, "Here's some photos of the clock in the house.  The wife claims I would live in my shop if I could and she is probably right.