Marble Strike by Alain Saintagne

Beautiful job on the "Marble Strike" clock by Alain Saintagne of France. 

Alaine writes:

"Bonjour Clayton,

j'ai bien reçu hier les plan s de l'horloge inclination.
je travail sur les finitions de marble strick je vous joint une photo.J'ai voulu voir le mouvement de l'orloge plus présent et conbiné "simplicityet marble strick et affiné l'ensemble.
bravo pour les beaux modèles d'horloge sur votre site on a envie de toutes les construire."

For those of you who do not speak French (me included), here is the same email translated by "Google Translate."  The translation is rough, but the happiness and enthusiasm come through:

"Hello Clayton

I received the plane yesterdays Clock inclination.
I work on marble finishes strick I attached a photo. I wanted to see the movement of the clock running more present and combination "simplicity and marble strike and refined overall.
Bravo for the beautiful clock models on your site we want to build them all."

Thank you, Alain, for your wonderful pictures and email.