Simplicity by Steve Riley

Simplicity by Steve Riley

Steve writes:  "Ah, finally finished! It was a lot of fun. My first wooden gear clock from plans. I did make one from a kit once when I was a kid. It still runs at my parent’s house more than 30 yrs later.

I got it to run on 3.4 lbs of weight. It’s been running for weeks. I’m attaching a picture, and my latest YouTube video (thanks for the nice comments on my first video where it wasn’t complete yet!). Feel free to use these on your site if you wish. It’s oak and Baltic birch plywood. I used a DeWalt scroll saw. This project required much more precision than anything I’ve ever done before, I tried my best to not only make a working clock, but a thing of beauty. I think it came out pretty good.

I already have the plans for Solaris, let the fun begin again!

Steve Riley
Shingle Springs, CA"

Beautiful job, Steve! Your oak framed Simplicity looks fantastic.  I like the way you combined the Simplicity Variant frame with the Original weight-counterweight mechanism. It really came out looking very nice that way.
With the craftsmanship you put into this clock, I'm sure it will outlast even your first kit clock from 30 years ago. You truly did create a thing of beauty, and she should be filling your home with her beautiful song for many, many decades.  Congratulations!