Hawaiian Time by Mike Norris

This is Mike's Hawaiian Time clock, and she's a beauty.  (This is Mike's second clock built from my plans; he also built the Number Six clock.)

The Hawaiian Time design is actually the winner of a design contest posed to clocksters. The design was to have three same size wheels in a pyramid shape. Sounds easy, but the pinions are not the same size, and that throws off the symmetry.
Hawaiian Time has an optical illusion. If you look at the frame pages you'll see that the arbor holes are not centered below the caps. This gave me just enough fiddle room to make it look symmetrical when it really wasn't.
Hawaiian Time is also one of my only designs with a seconds hand...in this case a seconds disc. Look right in front of where the pendulum is mounted and you'll see it.
What's next, Mike?  Attempt?  I look forward to seeing what you'll do next!