Ap Brijer's Clocks

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Ap Brijer, who has built several of my clocks. He kindly emailed me with two letters and pictures of his beautiful work and I'm delighted to be able to share them with you now (click on any picture to enlarge):


Model T by Ap Brijer

Swoopy by Ap Brijer

Ap writes: "Hello Dr. Boyer, here a message from Ap Brijer out of the Netherlands. I ordered plans Swoopy and the Model T and I want you to see the results. I had some trouble to get the Swoopy running properly but the Model T started running as soon as I put the weight on. I find the escapement on both clocks fantastic and it is very difficult not to look at it.

My sister was looking on your site and she loved your Radiance clock so much that she asked me to order the plans and build it for her.

So I hope that you send me the secret link.

I wish you all the best and I want to thank you for this magnificent hobby.

Didn't know I had it in me ;-)

Ap Brijer" 

I sent Ap the secret link, and three years and FIVE clocks(!) later he writes:

"Hello Dr. Boyer,

Here a message from The Netherlands

I sent you the pictures of my finished clocks.

After making Swoopy and Model T I followed with Radiance.

Radiance by Ap Brijer

I started it at 2008 but I could not get it running so it disappeared in the closet

but this year when i clean out the closet I started again and after making a new escapewheel

(with better tools and a bit more patience ;-)) its now running (still a bit to fast) nicely.

After the very frustrating experience with Radiance I build the Horologium which was very easy

to build and I get a little bit my self-confidence back. So I started to make Modern Times.

Modern Times by Ap Brijer

Again not so difficult to build and its running now a year without any problem.

But then you came with Attempt and I was sold.

Attempt by Ap Brijer

It was a very nice job to build. The only thing that gave me a little headache was the adjustment of the rack.

And then came Toucan. What a fantastic design and being a electrician I have to build this.

Its running, because its electric, very accurate like a quartz clock. I love it!

Toucan by Ap Brijer

And now I'm beginning with a new challenge: Marble Strike.

I think that this hobby is very addictive, I surely can't stop with it.

I wish you all the best,

Ap Brijer"

Here is my return email to Ap:  "Aloha Ap, even with the wonderful design team I have for these mechanisms, I can't keep ahead of your construction! And what a beautiful job you did on all of your clocks, too.

That is one flashy Radiance. Yes, Radiance is probably the most frustrating of all my clock designs because there are so many fine adjustments that must be made to get it running correctly. BUT once she's running, she's an absolute dream to watch go through her gyrations. I can stand and watch her forever - trying to anticipate when she's going to pick up that lever and loose her single wheel.

Yes, the Horologium is a super easy clock, and the Modern Times is not much more work, but what a fantastic runner and so trouble free. I love the subtle colors of your Modern Times.

Man! Your Attempt Striking Clock is absolutely beautiful. You have an amazing eye for color combinations, and your Attempt is "striking" in more than the auditory way. What a beauty!

I didn't know you are an electrician, so that makes your approval even more satisfying. So glad you liked the Toucan design. I can't believe you created yours so quickly! She is a pretty fast build, but you really got yours completed amazingly fast. Yes, she's incredibly accurate, PLUS there never any winding!!!

I look forward to seeing your interpretaion of my Marble Strike. Your craftsmanship is outstanding, and your artistry with colors is truly breath taking. Beautiful job on all of your builds. Thank you so much for all the pictures. You have created such wonderful mechanisms and you can be very proud of all of them. Thank you for doing my designs so beautifully.

Aloha. Clayton