Marble Strike by Art Dimock

Marble Strike by Art Dimock (Click on picture to enlarge)

Art writes, "Dr. Boyer,

The Marble Strike Clock -- What can I say? Certainly not as pure as the #6 and nor as graceful as the Inclination, but a unique Rube Goldberg in disguise.

A little more challenging than my previous clocks but still a pleasure to build.  The greatest challenge was finding twelve marbles that were nearly identical in size and roundness. After much sorting and sizing everything seems to operate reasonably well.

Another challenge is the humidity. The northeast U.S. seems like a rain forest this year and I have decided to wait for drier conditions to make any final adjustments.  If I decide to make any more clocks I think it would be a good idea to insert brass tubing in the frame arbor holes to hopefully reduce friction and humidity problems.

Thanks again for professional grade plans.

Art Dimock"
Absolutely glorious! Your Marble Strike is a true beauty, Art.

You've added a lot of very nice touches, like the all wood counterweight, and I see you went with John's acrylic dial ring, and Landon's speed trap. Your woodworking skills are wonderfully displayed.

Beautiful work.

Yes, finding twelve marbles that are exactly the same is a lot more difficult than one would think.
However, about your brass bushing comment...you haven't been reading my blog, have you!?!? There's a ink to it on my mainpage (but I'll give you a hint... NO BUSHINGS!!!)

I don't know what it is right now with guys wanting to put in bushings, but I've recently gotten a rash of emails from guys wanting to add bushings. I've explained in my blog all about how bushings actually INCREASE internal friction. I'm glad you mentioned it before actually doing it.

Thanks for the wonderful picture. I love your interpretation of the Marble Strike.


Aloha. Clayton