Simplicity by Peter Vennix

Simplicity by Peter Vennix

Peter writes:  "Hello Clayton,

Just a few words to you to tell you that I finished the Simplicity clock.

It’s been a wonderfull time for me, building this clock and discover that I had it in me to make something like this.

Normally I am not much of a woodworker but I am more a greasemonkey, restoring old mopeds and stuff like that.

However I found (old) mechanical clocks always interesting and I have quite a few of them.

And now….I built a beautiful mechanical clock myself and it feels good. I learned a lot doing this and with what I know now, the second one should be more beautiful….Yes I’m planning to build a second Simplicity clock or maybe another of your designs.

This Simplicity Clock is hanging in my livingroom and is running well. It keeps time pretty accurate.

In Europe we have millimeters instead of inches so I had to convert some measurements to millimeters but I pulled it off so it’s no big deal for Europeans to make a clock like this one. Hey,…if I can do it, everyone can.

I send you two pictures of my Simplicity clock and I want to thank you for the drawings and the beautiful design.

Everybody who sees the clock says it’s design is very pretty. And they are astounded when I tell them that I built it myself.

Until next time….. 

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Peter Vennix"

Peter, your friends are right - that is a beautiful Simplicity. And what a nice story! I love hearing how someone without much in the way of woodworking skills is able to create such a beautiful mechanism. A testiment to the simplicity of Simplicity. Most of these mechanisms truly are quite forgiving for the first time builder - as your wonderful Simplicity will attest.

Your Simplicity plans do come with TWO Simplicity design options; the original weight/counterweight design (the one that you built), and the single weight, key wound Variant design, so you always have that additional option now that your skills are finely honed. You are right, your second clock will be much improved over your first attempt, BUT your first hand-built clock will always hold a special place in your heart - and yours really is a beauty. Well done!

Enjoy. Aloha. Clayton