Planets Kinetic Sculpture Featured on Rainy Day Magazine

Hi Clayton,

Got the plans! Pretty awesome!!!

Here is the FirstLook article:

Rainy Day Magazine Article (click on link)

Click on any of the images for a larger version.

You are free to link to the article in any fashion you see fit free of charge.

We hope to give the puzzles a try over the July 4th weekend :-)

Will make sure you get the links once they have been posted.

BTW, just saw the pic of the STC...looks great.

Definitely let us know when the plans for that are available!!!

Wan Chi Lau
Managing Editor
“We Entertain When It Rains”

Aloha Wan, glad you liked the plans, and thank you for such a nice write-up. Great story. You really did a terrific job of explaining how the plans are used, and your layout is absolutely wonderful.

I am also especially intersted in how the Blade Runner works to cut out these mechanisms. I built one a while back and found that the upper support arm, that is the top support for the work, is absolutely necessary for safe, accurate cutting. I first built mine without that and the saber saw was a pretty dangerous weapon, but with the top support in place, it cut nicely. Just couldn't find any blades small (narrow) enough to get a good turn radius that is so needed when making the teeth on the wheels. I am very interested to hear back on how it works for you.

The Planets is a perfect project for a CNC or Laser. Either would make it a quick build...then you can spend your extra time balancing the arms for that smooth but erratic movement (that sounds oxymoronic!)

Also can't wait to see what you do with the plasma ball - whatever that is.

This is what makes this hobby so much fun. The possibilies are endless!

Great job on your article.


Aloha. Clayton

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