Lolli by Rodger Marshall--A Spring Driven Variation

Lolli by Rodger Marshall

Rodger writes: "Hi Clayton,

When I built the mystery machine, I ordered some extra springs; just in case. A friend of mine gave me several boards of Purple Heart so I decided to make another Lolli, (my fourth one). I really love that clock. The clock it's self is removable from the frame.

My inspiration for that comes from a Brian Law clock. I also bought some slot car axle bearings for the gear shafts.

You can see that the pallet shaft part of the frame is wider than the conventional Lolli frame to accommodate the width of the bearing. I counter bored the frame just deep enough so the bearings are flush with the frame.

I didn't use bearings for the winding shaft or the hour/minute assembly. For the spring cup, I used a ring of 3"PVC pipe with a cover made of 1/8" Masonite. The key I made from some brass scraps I had in my tool box. I think this is the most beautiful clock I have made. All together I have made eight clocks in three years. Five of them are from your plans. I have included some pictures of this little beauty.

Thank you for making these plans available.

Rodger Marshall"

Rodger, I love it! That took some creative engineering, and you did a great job. That's really a beautifully colored purple heart, and it contrasts so nicely with your dial ring.

You are right on - the spring that drives my Mystery Box is the same spring that drives my Upsy. It is a 30 hour clock mainspring, and should work perfectly in your Lolli conversion.

Congratulations on a great, and innovative build. What a nice little surprise!

Aloha. Clayton

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