Mwaa Ha Haaaaa! (Wouter Suspects His Simplicity...)

Wouter writes:  "Dear Clayton,

Love your new blog/Tocks

The movies about the Evil twin were funny; loved the reaction people had when the box exploded (some of these people where almost launched themselves into deep space ... )
Three or four of these evil twins around the garden/house... and no watch dog is needed anymore ! ;-) .

Makes you wonder if it's allowed to send the drawing around the world ?, did you get a permit for exporting these cunning/devious drawings/plans outside the USA ? :-) .

But one thing concerned me when watching the movie.... the "devious" mastermind behind the setup and filming the response ...

Makes me wonder... are it really clocks we have made ?, or does there come a day that all Dr Boyer clock-siblings over the world wake up and have a secondary function beside telling the time of day ?.

Looking at my wall.... I suspect my Simplicity the most .... , since there were two building variants in the drawings... so which is the evil twin ????

Nevertheless .... I also have interest in building the Space Time Continuum kinetic sculpture.  Could you tell me how i can buy/obtain the drawings of the STC ?.

Greetings from Amsterdam, 

Wouter Stoof"

Note from Lisa--Here's a still shot of the STC Wouter is requesting.  Observant viewers emailed us about it after seeing it moving in the background of the "Evil Twin" reaction video:

And Forrest's "Wheel" Variation:

Plans will be available as soon as we can take her "glamour" video and list her on our website.

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  1. Looking forward to ordering these plans when they're available! -Christina


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