Toucan by Tim Wilson

Toucan (with added seconds hand!) by Tim Wilson

Tim writes: "Hi Clayton, I finally finished the Toucan. It was a very enjoyable project.   I enjoyed the experimentation (about a week) as we discussed about adding the second hand, it was just a little bit challenging to do some of the modifications that had to be done, but that is what makes this wonderful art of building wood gear clocks enjoyable, frustrating at times, but enjoyable, if that makes sense. Even though the second hand is not outside the hour and minute hand as conventional clocks, I think it turned out pretty good, and who's to say that what we do with wood gear clocks has to be the conventional way of clock designs and the way we build them anyway!! I have included a picture and a link of the clock in action. (Tim's YouTube video shown below:)

I commend you on your plans, very accurate and clear instructions. I got a chance to go thru your site, very informative, especially the blog, the information you give will be very helpful for some of your first time builders. I especially found it interesting about builders wanting to use bushings--glad you are advising them properly, I was a victim of the bushing monster myself at one time and you are dead on with this subject.

I will look forward to building another one of your clocks in the near future; I want to concentrate for a while on my Westminster project. Thanks for sharing Your Great Talent in clock designs and building techniques with the wood gear clock building world...it is very gracious of you.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Tim Wilson


Tim, that's spectacular! Your interpretation of the Toucan is absolutely wonderful. You are exactly why I ask for pictures. I love seeing the creativity of other woodworkers, and you not only did a great job of building the Toucan, but have actually improved upon the design with the addition of a seconds hand.

I basically consider myself a 'prototyper'. I'll get an idea that I want to play with, and I figure that if I want to play with it, others would like to play with it too. Most of the really good stuff in my designs actually comes from a collaborative effort with other wonderful builders like Jeff, Adrian, Forrest, John, Bob and Marc...and now YOU!

As you may know, it was Jeff, the electronics genius, that really made the Toucan idea happen, and the concept was proofed by Adrian, and Forrest who both made their own versions of this fun design, and showed that the design was possible to recreate.

I am very happy to hear you found my plans clear and easy to work from. Enjoyment and personal fulfillment is what this hobby is all about, and accurate plans help decrease the frustration level a lot. Thank you for your kind comments.

Your Toucan turned out beautifully, and congratulations on your brilliant addition of a seconds hand. I am impressed and elated by you creativity.


Aloha. Clayton