Simplicity by Isaac Reid

Simplicity by Isaac Reid

Isaac writes, "Hello,

I would like to buy your plans for the Marble Strike wooden clock. Here are some pictures of your Simplicity clock that you designed, that I built as a gift for someone. I truly enjoyed this project. I have been working on a couple more clocks since to give away.

Simplicity by Isaac Reid, Detail (Click on pictures to enlarge).

I was looking through your site again about a week ago, and found your Marble Strike clock. I have visited the site everyday since just to look at it. It truly is a masterpiece and the coolest clock I have ever seen.

I realize the Simplicity is your simplest clock design, but I was hoping I would still qualify to buy the Marble Strike plans. Here are a few images of one of the my completed clocks. You can also see a video on Youtube here.

Thank you for designing these incredible clocks.


Isaac Reid"

Wow, Isaac! truly beautiful job on your Simplicity. Your woodworking skills and craftsmanship are certainly displayed in glorious fashion. I also liked seeing that you used the braided line for the weight cord. That's my favorite too because there's no twisting of the weights that can happen with monofilament.

Yes! The Marble Strike is a magnificent machine. The Marble Strike was a long time in the coming. It's been in R&D, I would estimate, about five years. I would design a little, run into a snag, and put it on the back burner for a while. Then sometime later my Subconscious Committee members (those are my muse, my 'Blind Monkeys', that feed me little bits of ideas) would give me a scintilla of an idea and I'd start designing a bit more. It is so wonderful to see such a nebulous concept being brought to fruition. John and Landon are the two builders that helped so much in making this plan available.

You certainly qualify for membership in the Masochist's Club - an association of elite wooden clock builders, and we welcome you.

The secret path into the Masochist's Corner begins (note: info removed for blog post--Lisa) From the pix you sent of your Simplicity, I know you will do the Marble Strike proud. I hope you enjoy building the Marble Strike as much as I have enjoyed designing it.

Your work is truly beautiful.

Enjoy!  Aloha.  Clayton 

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