Marble Strike by Ed Poste

Marble Strike by Ed Poste

"Hi Clayton,

I have just hung the clock at the front entrance so that as you enter the first thing visible is "The Clock!"  In my haste I hung the clock and started it and took pictures...but forgot the marbles! As mentioned in an earlier email I elected to hang a stainless tube cut to a specific length to create the musical note "B".

I am happy with the tone and resonance and it can be heard throughout the house.
Woods used were Kamagong for the dark wood (similar to ebony wood) and Gmelina for the wheels.

I just received your plans for "Radiance" and my wife thinks I am nuts! She loves all of the designs but hasn't yet grasped the addiction that is wooden clock building.

Warmest regards,

Ed Poste"

Ed, you've done it again! You've created yet another spectacular clockworks. Your Marble Strike is a beauty, and your kamagong's figure is amazing. Beautifully done! I also like the brass arbor caps and I see you've done away with the marble incrusted counterweight for the daisy, and instead used a brass plumb bob that fits with your interpretation nicely.

Your work always makes me smile. Nice work, Ed.

You'll enjoy building the Radiance and it'll be an easy project after the Marble Strike. It's quite a simple build...it is the multitude of adjustments necessary to get her running properly that moved her into the Masochist's Corner. However, when she is running correctly, she's a mesmerizing sight.

Thanks for the beautiful pix, but, actually, I want to see more! Please send me more with the marbles included.

Aloha. Clayton

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